2008 marks the 10-year anniversary of the “hokori” name. Team Hokori's Import "roots" go as far back as the founding of the original Kosoku car team by RJ DeVera. In the mid-90s, both NorCal Kosoku lead by Lorenzo Villanueva and Zensen Battle Club lead by Edmund Carnecer were teams in the San Francisco Bay Area that were at the height of their game in the Import Car Show scene. When the "Kosoku" name was sold to a member to start a brand of performance products (Kosoku later became ArtNMotion of SoCal), this gave NorCal Kosoku an opportunity to combine forces with Zensen Battle Club and begin a new chapter of show and go quality cars representing the Northern California Import Car scene lead by both Lorenzo and Edmund.  Today, the Team Hokori Family lead by Edmund (Lorenzo retiring from the scene two years later) has grown where respect and friendship is the model that we extend to our fellow Import car teams and enthusiasts as well as maintaining a high level of quality when competing at a car show or on the quarter-mile track. =)

2005 is a new beginning with the expansion of our family going back to our roots: Southern California. This did not just happen overnight. Almost a year’s worth of discussions and meetings with the potential members had proven that they had the right character (not to mention top quality show cars) in having the pride in representing the Hokori name and family traditions. The official announcement occurred March 5, 2005 at Hot Import Nights, Los Angeles, CA. A perfect time and place to show the new team family. The evening was only solidified with the surprise parking next to our sister team, ArtNMotion.  Old and new members of both teams got to know one another as well as reminisce, This was only proof of the traditions and rich history that this growing car culture has had, and we all look forward to carry on these traditions in the future.

                                Team Hokori at Hot Import Nights, San Mateo, CA - April 2005

                                Team Hokori at Nightshift, Pleasanton, CA - September 2008

NOTE: Team Hokori is a car show team with the positive focus on creating competitive show car vehicles.  Team Hokori does not condone street racing or any other illegal doings that bring on the negative side of the import or aftermarket auto industry.


Founder and President: Edmund Carnecer - ed@teamhokori.com
Senior Leader: Joe Ninobla - joe@teamhokori.com
Leader (Northern California): Mike Thomas - ITRmike@teamhokori.com
Leader (Southern California): Albert Chang - albert@teamhokori.com
Leader (Southern California): Ferdie Ang - wrxFerdie@teamhokori.com

General Information: info@teamhokori.com


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